The Club - where we are particles that occasionally collide

Gazette is the place where you can enjoy the freshest sounds coming out of the underground electronic music scene.

When it opened its doors in 2006 it was the city's first and only underground club and it was established as a platform for free artistic expression while providing the public with an alternative experience. It was always about inspiration and interaction. A variety of artists formed here and continued to develop their activity. This interaction and open dialogue between the club, the artist and the public created an active cultural environment.

Today, after more than a decade, the club is still running under the same philosophy, a true creative melting pot. It is the kind of place where experimentalism and free expression are encouraged. The club and visiting artist relationship is more of a collaboration than a basic gig.  

It resides on the top of Fortress Hill, very close to the city centre, in the former weapons storage room of the Citadel, so you'll also get a bit of history and a picturesque view. 


Str. Calarasilor, Nr. 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Str. Calarasilor, Nr. 1, (Parcul Cetatuia) Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The Crew

Behind the Bar you will find interesting people who are busy besides being our bartenders.

Laur is also interested, passionate and dedicated to make it as a dj. He played some warm-up sets under our roof.

Mitza is the always smiling chef of our team. He can make the best hangover meal for 10 even in a Berlin hostel kitchen... we've been there, done that.

Reco is our youngest. Hip Hop is flowing in his veins and he will customise the illest cars in the city.

Mihai and Lucian are behind the door and they are making sure that the vibe inside stays positive and comfy. 


Behind our visual identity and visual communication stands Zorán, our Art Director. You can check out his other shenanigans on facebook or on his website.

 Homeboys: Reco, Mitza, Laur

Homeboys: Reco, Mitza, Laur